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It´s the nature of the eye to love the colors,

but if the heart is not clear

so may all the colors be in front of your eyes

and you can not see them.





 Welcome on my website.

I would like to present to you a selection of my paintings

and I want to show you my shop "handmade"  ... Here you can see unique and individually pieces  of lovely handwork.


My pictures are all handcrafted uniques.

My favorite working material is acrylic paint,

structural material and varios modeling techniques.


Painting is a sensual experience for me as well

relaxation for the mind and soul.


Please enjoy this little trip through my gallery






Do you want to know me better?
Then simply click on my career works.


Looking for a great work of art for your home or business premises? An overview of my recent work can be found on the page paintings.


You have found your favorite painting - but it does not have the desired sice or you would like other colors?
Then you can ask me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.